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I really love pineapple express nice smooth smoke, tasted like bud, I’ll try some strawberry cough, an the lemon next time , just nearly finishing my 1st order, the discount code came in handy. Thanks again woodies vape, Darren.

Prompt service great product!

I used Woodies for the first time (it arrived just before Christmas which is a particularly stressful time for me) and I thought the quality of the CBD oil was really good. I tried a bit under my tongue and could feel more relaxed within 5 minutes. The packaging also would make a good gift for loved ones.

Amazing products and arrived nice and fast. Would highly recommended and will certainly be using again.

I ordered CBD oil and a vape pen from WOODIES. Both items came in-mail in an elegant black package. So far I have tried the oil and it works miracles. It improved my sleep already. I fall asleep quicker and wake up well rested. Now it is time to try the Pinapple Express vape 🙂

The ABC of CBD

Since being legalised in 2016 CBD has grown in popularity and in 2019 there were over 300,000 users in the UK.